Tansun Infrared Heaters Offer Maximum Performance And Very Low Running Costs.

Warehouses are traditionally known to be some of the hardest areas to heat. With shutter doors constantly opening and closing and large open spaces, heating seems almost impossible. To combat the vast open spaces, Tansun’s efficient space heaters are the perfect solution. Tansun manufactures a wide range of infrared heaters to suit a number of […]

Wincanton Targets Fuel Savings With New Michelin Tyre Policy.

Michelin has won a five-year tyre management contract with Wincanton, the largest British logistics firm, in a deal believed to be one of the most significant commercial vehicle tyre contracts signed this year. The agreement was secured following a competitive tender and will see the core Wincanton-liveried fleet – around 2,500 assets – switch to […]